Private Car Insurance

Insurance is about choice, and that includes your car insurance. While purchasing your basic autopac ($500 deductible and $200,000 liability) is mandatory, you can buy your other coverages through private insurers.

We can also provide coverage for travel trailers and motorhomes. Our private insurance options offer competitive & affordable premiums, convenient payment options and prompt claim settlements.

Coverage Options

  • Collision/Upset
  • Comprehensive (including Road Hazard Glass)
  • Collision/Upset and Comprehensive deductibles can be different
  • Third-Party Liability limits up to $5,000,000 available (including U.S. exposure for private passenger & farm vehicles) which also covers “downtime” on rented vehicles
  • Rental car protection may be included
  • Loss of Use coverage available
  • Value Plus Endorsement available on new vehicles

Lay Up Coverage

  • Year-round protection for collision/upset, comprehensive and third-party liability coverage
  • No need to advise when the vehicle goes into temporary storage Deductible Waiver Clause

Deductible Waiver Clause
No deductible applies to:

  • Collision with a bird or animal
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Theft of the entire vehicle
  • Vandalism when reported to the police
  • Hail Damage - if the $50 comprehensive deductible option is purchased
  • Glass Damage - if the windshield can be repaired rather than replaced
  • Paintless dent repairs
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Why Our Clients Choose Us

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