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Houston Properties Exclusive Tenants Insurance

Welcome to the Houston Properties tenant insurance program that is provided by Fast Insurance. When applying for insurance you will need some additional information about our buildings. We have attempted to make the buying process as easy as possible, below is information to take note of below continuing with the quoting / purchasing of your insurance.

Start off by selecting a building type of "Apartment".

All buildings owned by Houston Properties are under 10 stories.

You will also need to know the approximate age of the building you are renting from. Below is a list of all of Houston Properties buildings and the year they were built.

  • 47 Furby St – Built in 1959
  • 820 McGregor St – Built in 1958
  • 14 Balmoral St – Built in 1911
  • 33 Balmoral St – Built in 1912
  • 37 Balmoral St – Built in 1950
  • 39 Balmoral St – Built in 1950
  • 2371 Portage Ave – Built in 1955
  • 80 Roslyn Rd – Built in 1923
  • 30 Spence St – Built in 1930
  • 530 Tylehurst St – Built in 1959
  • 561 Warsaw Ave – Built in 1960
  • 59 Wilmot Pl – Built in 1965
  • 75 Young St – Built in 1949
  • 85 Young St – Built in 1949
  • 92 Young St – Built in 1916
  • 100 Young St – Built in 1960
  • 110 Young St – Built in 1914
  • 120 Young St – Built in 1951
  • 607 McMillan Ave – Built in 1965
  • 271 Traverse Ave – Built in 1963
  • 372 Assiniboine Ave – Built in 1965
  • 321 Stradbrook Ave – Built in 1914

Why do you need Tenant Insurance?

In typical rental situations, your landlord’s insurance covers the physical structure of a building or dwelling, and you are responsible for anything you bring into the space, including furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and other personal property. That means you need insurance, too. Sometimes Renter’s Insurance is a requirement in landlord-tenant lease agreements, but in any case, it’s a smart, proactive investment to protect the things you love.

For good reason, we don’t often think about what would happen if someone were to be injured in your home; in some circumstances, you may not be protected by the landlord’s insurance. Or what about any damages to the building? If you’re found responsible, you could be sued to recover the repair or rebuilding costs. And that’s again where Renter’s Insurance comes into play, to offer you the financial protection you need.

Liability Claims

Renter’s Insurance is like an umbrella in hand; it’s an affordable, proactive measure you can take instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for no rain. Here are a few examples you may not have forecasted in your future that would require a liability claim.

Fire & Smoke

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — and where there’s fire, there’s damage. To recover the losses, Renter’s Insurance helps look after you from spark to finish.

Water Damage & Extended Water Coverage

Despite our best laid plans, pipes burst, septic pumps fail, and bathtubs overflow. Renter’s Insurance gives you the helping hand you need to cover any property damage and restore your space.

Additional Living Expenses

This includes any costs of basic daily living and maintaining good health. They’re covered by Renter’s Insurance when you’re forced out of your space by the unexpected.

Crime & Vandalism

Protect your valuables from theft or damage. Renter’s Insurance typically covers break-ins or damage to your belongings, and compensates you to be able to either repurchase or repair your property.

Personal Liability

There are countless scenarios that can end up hurting you financially: you left the water running, forgot to turn off the stove, somebody falls down your stairs and sues. Protect yourself from potential out-of-pocket replacement costs by making sure you have the right coverage in place.

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